High quality visual communication Incorporate in own service

V-CUBE Video SDK is a WebRTC-compatible API / SDK providing service that can incorporate various functions such as video communication into its own service.
By using this service, you can easily add functions such as video calling and live distribution to your application.
Enhance communication with users who are important to your service.

API for system cooperation

You can acquire various settings and data necessary for using video communication, and you can build an integrated video communication service that works seamlessly with your system

WebRTC / Native SDK

Various functions such as video communication of V-CUBE service can be easily incorporated into your WebRTC compatible browser or as part of iOS / Android / Mac / Windows application.

Development Support

In addition to providing technical support when developing systems for customers using APIs and mobile SDKs, we also provide our customers with full-fledged video communication service know-how while fully supporting their service design.



You can easily build video and audio distribution in IoT services that are expanding, such as on-site work support, MaaS (moving services), watching robots, and remote monitoring systems.

Medical treatment

It enables communication at medical sites, such as consultation of patients who are difficult to go to the hospital and coordination meetings between related parties, and enables a system to smoothly connect doctors, patients, and medical personnel online.


It realizes online communication essential for ICT education, and easily implements a communication and video distribution system that connects educators, students, and families.

Human Resources

The pervasive web interview function can be easily implemented in existing recruitment systems and new interview services. It can be used only with a browser because it supports WebRTC.

Real Estate

You can easily add call and video distribution functions to the growing real estate IT solutions, such as explanations of important IT items and online previews. WebRTC support eliminates the need to install a dedicated application.


Realizing exciting projects such as two-way communication with viewers and low-delay distribution by delivering gifting and live commerce that attract attention.

Large-scale, low-cost, ready-to-use live distribution, video calling, and voice calling SDK

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