Virtual Exhibition Platform

Get your best Virtual Exhibition or Virtual Expo experience in 3D with various features for the organizer, exhibitor and visitor just like in the real world.

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V-CUBE Virtual Exhibition Mascot 01
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V-CUBE The Virtual Exhibition Platform is so rich in features that we have divided it into 3 main parts of an exhibition. Features for organizers, features for exhibitors, and features for visitors.

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Visitor Data Analytics

The Event Organizer can see a complete Data Analytic of all exhibition visitors, how long visitors log in and spend time at the Virtual Exhibition and the number of booths that have been visited.

Booth Visit Analytics

The Event Organizer can view visitor details from each of the exhibitor's booths. This is, of course, very useful for the EO and the exhibitor who want to review the results of the exhibition.

Hall Editor

The Event Organizer can choose the type of booth, set the number and position of the booths that will be used in one hall or several halls according to the needs of the event.

Virtual Expo

Event Settings

The Event Organizer can make arrangements in the admin dashboard to change the logo, background, video, floor plan, banner, and booth to match the type of exhibition to be held.

Virtual Exhibition


The Event Organizer can add video sessions, both live streaming and recording, which are automatically opened when visitors enter the hall for the first time. You can create multiple class sessions in one hall.

Virtual Expo

Hall Elements

The Event Organizer can place banners for Branding and Sponsorhip purposes in each hall so that all parties involved in an exhibition can be properly accommodated.

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Exhibitor Settings

Exhibitors can arrange their booths with things like descriptions, products, product galleries, business cards, and so on so that visitors can easily identify the exhibitor's profile.

Virtual Booth

Booth Settings

The Exhibitor can choose the type and color of the booth to be used and upload logos, thumbnails, posters, and banners that will appear in the booth.

Virtual Agent

Booth Admin

The Exhibitors can choose an agent character to be placed in an admin booth and welcome booth visitors and interact with them virtually.

Company Information

The Exhibitor can display the company profile when a visitor clicks the information button in each booth.

Company Profile

The Exhibitor can display company profiles in PDF format, which can be downloaded by exhibition visitors.

Meeting Schedule

The Exhibitor can add meeting links such as Zoom or others if visitors want to communicate face-to-face with the exhibitor.

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Virtual Lobby

Visitors will be greeted with a virtual lobby before entering the hall or auditorium.

Virtual Auditorium

Visitors can enter the virtual auditorium to see the live broadcast of the event or the opening ceremony.

Switch to 360 Mode

Visitors can switch to 360 mode if the loading takes too long. No worries with low bandwidth issues.

3D Virtual Exhibition

3D Experience

Visitors can feel the experience of entering the world of 3D Virtual Exhibition which is very interesting..

Information Gathering

Visitors can visit the available halls and booths and get the information provided

Flexible Control

Visitors can move freely, following point clicks using the mouse or WASD buttons like a game player.

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