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Zoom is a web conferencing service that is not interrupted even by narrowband network lines and is used by more than 750,000 companies and organizations around the world.



Various meetings are held every day. By switching from a real meeting that gathers in a conventional meeting room to a Web meeting using Zoom that gathers in an online meeting room, travel time and costs to the meeting place can be reduced. From office desks, on the go, from smartphones and tablet devices, to other locations, and from any device, you can participate in meetings from any device, and you can expect greater work efficiency.



In our daily work, we often work with our head office and branch offices, our domestic and overseas bases, our headquarters and stores, and our offices and on the go. At that time, “lack of communication between bases” and “travel time and cost for meetings” are issues. By introducing Zoom, business efficiency can be improved by sharing documents and screens between remote sites and communicating while looking at the “face”.


In the past, you would go to the meeting place for business talks and meetings with business partners. Travel time and cost to the meeting place will be incurred. Switching business negotiations and meetings to Zoom after obtaining the permission of the other party not only can reduce travel time and costs, but also can improve the speed of business progress, leading to improved business efficiency for both parties.


There are many tasks that periodically check the status of the “site”, such as maintenance and inspection of construction sites and facilities. You can expect that introducing a web conference using Zoom to provide support and advice to staff at the “site” and to check progress and status.


By incorporating a web interview with Zoom into the recruitment interview, candidates will be able to reduce the travel time and cost of the interview venue, reducing the hurdle for applying. Shortening the time between application and interview can speed up the recruitment process and increase candidates satisfaction.

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Work From Home

In order to achieve work style reforms, it is necessary to overcome time and place constraints. By utilizing Zoom, it is possible to implement a work style that overcomes the time and place restrictions by introducing home work, mobile work, and telework for satellite office work.

Web Conferencing – anytime, anywhere –

Amazing ease of use

You can easily start a web conference from any device. Only the organizer needs a license to hold a web conference. Anyone can join the web conference by inviting to the organizer’s meeting address.

Hard to interrupt

The original technology compresses video and audio data and prioritizes sound quality even in a narrow band to prevent audio interruptions. Maintains connection even if voice packets are lost up to 45%.

* Differs depending on the communication environment.

From anywhere, on any device

Zoom can be linked to a corporate schedule management system, so you can participate in high-quality web conferences on your desktop PC or mobile device from inside or outside the office.


Web conferencing service that can realize work style reform by overcoming time and place constraints

Zoom Meeting dari Handphone


You can join a web conference by installing the application on your smartphone.
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You can join a web conference from an Internet-connected tablet device.

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You can join a web conference on a PC that can connect to the Internet, such as a desktop PC or laptop, that you are used to.



The Zoom Meeting function is ideal for holding interactive sessions where you and each meeting participant can communicate with each other.


Zoom Webinars are ideal for large audiences of hundreds to thousands of people or events that are open to the public.


Integrated chat brings together workspace collaboration for both desktop and mobile. Create groups, share files and start meetings quickly.

Audio Sharing

For meetings, all participants can mute/unmute the audio while the host has the right to mute/unmute requests to meeting participants.

Video Sharing

For meetings, all participants will be able to activate the video, while for webinars, only the host and panelists can display the video


This feature allows you to share a whiteboard that you can annotate with other participants.


Annotate while sharing screen, whiteboard or whatever app is currently open and shared.

Live Streming

You can Live Streaming for your Meeting or Webinar to Youtube, Facebook, Workplace or Custom Streaming Service


Record your Meetings and Webinars in the Cloud or on Local PC. Recorded Files can be Video or Audio only.

Zoom On-Premise

This solution is called Hybrid where all data and recordings can be passed to your own Data Center.


Works with email and calendar apps

You can easily book a web conference by linking with your email or calendar application.

Microsoft Office 365 add-in

Gmail add-in

Firefox add-in

Outlook PC/Mac add-in

Chrome Extension

Safari Extension

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