Sensyn Robotics

Creating a Future by Supporting Society with Drones

Sensyn Robotics supports enterprises and municipals with industrial drone utilization, for example in facility inspection, disaster recovery, security and monitoring.

Facility Inspection

Inspection of plant facilities, transmission lines, bridges, dams, expressways, etc.

Disaster measures

Disaster countermeasures such as floods and earthquakes

Security and surveillance

Security and monitoring of buildings, factories, warehouses, ports, coasts, etc.



This system promotes the automation of business by integrating a drone, a base for automatic take-off and landing and automatic charging, as well as control software and business applications.


An integrated platform for automating customer operations, with easy flight settings, centralized management of flight plan and performance data, and other extensive functions.

SENSYN DC (Drone Communication Service)

It is a service that allows you to share the video taken by drone in real time between multiple remote locations and communicate.

SENSYN TSP (Total Solution Package)

It is a service that packages everything necessary for the introduction of drone operations such as drone aircraft and cameras to be mounted, regular maintenance and replacement of parts, drone insurance in case of emergency, etc.

SOLAR CHECK (Solar Power Plant Inspection Package)

An inspection package that automates a series of tasks from photographing solar panels, identifying abnormal spots by image recognition and analysis, and creating inspection result reports.

TOWER CHECK (Telecommunication Tower Inspection Package)

Fully Automated Drone System to Photograph and Report on Telecommunication Tower Inspections.

Drone Training and Other Options

We conduct trainings related to drones as an option, for example initial implementation training before service implementation, or post implementation follow-up practical training and business utilization workshop.

Considering utilizing or implementing drones?
Please contact us for consultation. We will guide you to the best solution for your usage scene.

Considering utilizing or implementing drones?

Please contact us for consultation if you are considering implementing or utilizing drones. Let us know your current situation and your requirements so that we can design a solution tailored for your needs by choosing the necessary and optimal services, machines, and options for you.

Thinking about improving drone utilization and operation?

Please contact us for consultation if you have already implemented drones but thinking of improving on how you utilize your drones or on your issues with your drones efficiency and cost. Let us know your problems and what you need and we will offer you the optimal improvement plans that not only include solutions but also improvements for your business processes.

Are you engaged in drone related businesses?

Our services can be combined with various drone-related services. Please contact us if you wish to explore specific projects and potential service collaborations since we often collaborated with various drone manufacturers and drone-related vendors.