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V-Cube:How It All Began

V-cube terus maju untuk berbagi dengan dunia sesuatu yang kita percayai

By Naoaki MASHITA, CEO of V-cube, Inc.

V-cube began life as a small firm designing websites for other companies back when our founder was in university. We did more than that, of course, and developed a number of Internet-based services. Among them was a technology that allows people to share information by inputting it into a spreadsheet over the Internet. This technology was applied internally and became an in-house communication staple. Doing this put us ahead of even companies like Google and Yahoo!, who later gave the world Calendar.

The idea of web conferencing, or web meeting, first came to us when we were establishing a subsidiary in Los Angeles, California. Back then, we were scrabbling for ways to maintain stable contact with our stateside counterparts. Making weekly trips there was simply not viable, and the cost of installing a video conferencing system was more than we could afford. Where we lacked in funds, though, we had an abundance of in vision, and the skill to back it up. So, we put them all to use and started developing a web conferencing tool ourselves.

One thing led to another and eventually, we had a rock solid interface. At this point, we started selling it to other enterprises with similar communication issues and a strong desire to do away with them once and for all, which was how V-CUBE Meeting first came to be available on the market.

Today, V-CUBE Meeting has become an essential part of daily communication among staff, both our own and our clients’. This, in turn, keeps us delivering the best video conferencing system the world has to offer to you. Although it has since been monetized into a business, it hadn’t started out that way. It began as a seedling of an idea that we stumbled upon when we needed it, and it has been with us ever since. For us, it is and will always be something close to our hearts.

From a small-time web design company that also happened to provide a video conferencing tool, V-cube has since evolved and expanded to become a multi-national firm. Our range of products have grown proportionally to include video conferencing solutions, video communication systems, online learning platforms (or e-learning platforms), and more. We would like nothing more than for establishments–be it large corporate entities or tiny ones like the one we ourselves used to be—to take full advantage of what we have to offer.


Selected for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications “Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award”

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