The #1 Enterprise Video Platform for the Global 2000

One Platform, Multiple Solutions

The Qumu Enterprise Video Platform is a true, end-to-end solution for delivering live and on demand corporate video globally to any device—securely, and with no buffering or loss of video quality.

The Qumu Enterprise Video platform captures, edits, manages and distributes corporate video assets for the largest firms in the world. Qumu serves Global 2000 organizations in multiple verticals, and offers industry-specific solutions for Financial Services, Healthcare, Life Science, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Telecommunications, Technology and many others.

Solutions and Use Cases

The Qumu Enterprise Video platform solves real-world challenges for companies that leverage live and on demand video for Executive Webcasting, Corporate Communications, Training, Onboarding, Sales, Marketing and Employee Collaboration—as well as iPTV and Digital Signage.

Integrations and Extensions

The Qumu Enterprise Video platform seamlessly integrates with existing video conferencing and collaboration tools including Skype for Business, Sharepoint, Jive, Yammer, IBM Connections, Zoom and Workplace by Facebook—as well as hardware from Polycom and Cisco



Video portal with excellent operability

Qumu can easily and efficiently search for the desired video and build a video portal site that can be watched.
Comments, favorites, likes! It also has interactive communication tools such as.

Easy and intuitive video creation and editing tool

Tools for editing videos are also included as standard.
You can easily create slide-linked content, insert and trim subtitles, cut and rearrange videos, etc., using only Qumu without using other software.

Security management, access control, authentication

You can set permissions for watching videos. For example, you can set parental control and creation authority for each department such as sales, human resources, and support. It is also possible to perform user authentication by linking with an in-house authentication server (Active Directory).

Optimal video distribution and cache server function

Qumu provides an environment in which video can be viewed in any state by using the "adaptive bit rate" technology that delivers the optimal video based on requests received from terminals.
Automatically selects the optimal bit rate and format, and in some cases, distributes it from an internal cache server, reducing the load on Internet traffic.

Viewing analysis and reporting

Analyze which users watched what percentage of videos and on what devices and environments.
Using detailed reporting, it is also possible to use it for subsequent distribution.

Speech search to search voice

Qumu Speech Search allows you to search by voice while you search for videos. Search for the best point from the video that has been recorded for a long time by voice search, and you can also search for the point. You can quickly find videos that are not registered by title or metadata.


It is also possible to play videos on PC and Mac without Flash plug-in (HTML5 player).
Mobile devices are compatible with Android and iOS, and can be viewed with only a browser or an application. Creation is possible from the application.

Mobile upload / view

A high-performance application is also available, so you can securely upload videos taken on mobile directly. It also supports offline viewing for environments with poor signal conditions.

The smartest, most measurable and expandable video platform on the market today