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V-CUBE Meeting

High-quality cloud-based web conferencing (web conferencing) service that boasts high-definition video and high connectivity

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V-CUBE Seminar

Expand seminars, training, and information sessions. Web seminar (online seminar) is the best

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V-CUBE Learning

Learning Management System (LMS) that has incorporated the virtual online platform for training and learning purposes

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Online and Offline Event

Are you considering options for an Online Event?

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Easy to use by anyone with a simple remote control. Video conferencing system that realizes high scalability at low cost

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WebRTC compatible API / SDK providing service that can be equipped with various functions including video communication in its own service.

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Cloud-type video distribution service with optimal functions for business video utilization

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Communication booth where you can work like in a private, secure room anytime

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SENSYN Robotics

Sensyn Robotics supports enterprises and municipals with industrial drone utilization

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About Us

V-cube Inc.

Established since 1998, V-cube has grown to become a conferencing solution provider with a significant presence in Japan, China, Singapore, America, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia as well as many other countries in the world.

Having competent and experienced personnel in the technology field, V-cube continuously puts forward itself to break through with various innovations. Decades of excellence and dedication have put V-cube at the pinnacle of fame today, dominating the Asian market.

V-cube Indonesia

V-cube Indonesia was founded in 2012 and started product marketing in 2013. At first it was based in Menara Mulia and now our office is in the Epiwalk Epicentrum area, Karet Kuningan, South Jakarta.

At present our products and services have been used by various government and private agencies. Our advantage is the support of customization and local technicians who are ready to help our customers in Indonesia. In addition, we have collaborated with various partners from leading technology companies in Indonesia

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What is the different between Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing Solution?

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5 Manfaat LMS bagi Perusahaan

Penggunaan Teknologi Informasi sudah sangat luas dalam berbagai bidang. Di dunia Industri, kebutuhan akan konsep untuk mendukung kegiatan belajar mengajar berbasis IT atau E-Learning menjadi tidak terelakkan lagi. LMS (Learning Management System) menjadi sebuat solusi untuk mewujudkan kebutuhan tersebut. Berikut ini beberapa manfaat LMS yang diperoleh bagi perusahaan yang menerapkannya. Menghemat Biaya Hal paling mendasar […]

Virtual Event Guide In 2020

Semenjak pandemi Virus Korona, banyak agenda acara yang bergeser dari offline ke online. Acara virtual telah menjadi jenis acara yang populer sekarang ini. Baik perusahaan besar maupun bisnis kecil juga mengadakan acara dengan konsep virtual seperti konferensi, bursa kerja, pameran dagang bisnis, dan sebagainya. Faktanya, menyelenggarakan acara virtual yang sukses membutuhkan perhatian dan upaya yang […]

Advantages of Web Conference with Own Server (On-Premise)

One of the services offered by V-cube Indonesia is V-CUBE On Premise. Installing an On-Premise Web conferencing system on your own Server. V-CUBE On Premise is widely implemented in government, banking and manufacturing agencies that require more data security and local networks (VPN). The main advantages of this type of Web Conference On Premise […]

Tips for holding Online events

The need for Online Events continues to increase Since the implementation of the PSBB by the Government to the Adaptation of New Normal, all activities must still use health protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Meanwhile, a lot of agendas that had previously been prepared were canceled. Virtual events or doing online agenda is the right choice. Starting from simple meetings, training, courses or […]

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