Quiet and secure communication that no one is bound by place and time

Telecube is a soundproof smart phone box that can be installed anywhere.

Inside, there are tables and chairs, and a PC that can be used for web conferencing, enabling communication via telephone and web conferencing in a quiet and secure environment.

Not only indoors such as offices, but also installation * in stations, parks, streets, etc., anyone can communicate securely at any time.

Telecube promotes work style reforms in Japanese society.


Soundproof design that doesn’t bother you

Because it is a completely soundproof design that blocks external sounds and does not leak sound from inside, you can communicate without worrying about the surroundings in a quiet environment.

Perfect security

A sound-proof private box enables highly confidential conversations over the phone and web conferencing. Security is also protected because data and history are erased after using the PC installed inside.

Web conferencing available

The internal PC is equipped with a V-CUBE web conference system, so you can easily connect to web conferences.
* Use of Web conferencing with a two-person model is an option.

24/7 Support

Support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year reduces the operational burden on system administrators, such as responding to inquiries about on-site troubles.

Choose your installation location

Since the booth is assembled at the installation location, it can be installed anywhere, indoors or outdoors.
* Outdoor use model is currently being planned.

A model that can be selected according to the application

You can choose from two models that can be used as a personal space for one person, or as a substitute for a small meeting room for face-to-face meetings.

Installation image

By installing a telecube indoors, you
can always keep a quiet private space without worrying about the surrounding eyes.
If installed in the city, business travelers and businessmen from overseas can also use it with peace of mind.