V-CUBE Meeting

High-quality cloud-based web conferencing (web conferencing) service that boasts high-definition video and high connectivity

Web conferencing (Web conferencing) "V-CUBE Meeting" is a high-quality cloud-based service that can be used in various environments such as PCs and mobiles.

The world's latest and highest level video and audio technology has been newly adopted, realizing high image quality, high sound quality, stable connectivity, sophisticated interface, and stress as much as a video conference system. No operability.
Of course, it has the quality required to have the necessary functions for web conferencing. The V-CUBE meeting has achieved the No. 1 * market share in the web conferencing cloud market, and has been certified by the ASP / SaaS information disclosure system and boasts high security.

 V-CUBE meetings transform everyday meetings and bring tremendous benefits to various aspects of your business.


Safe, secure and high quality

HD-compatible video, clear audio that is automatically adjusted, and many devices that are easy to connect and hard to break. It is the standard of web conference (web conference) used because it is comfortable.

Easy operation with simple interface

Easy-to-use interface with minimal buttons makes it easy for anyone to use.

Available from all over the world

If you have an internet connection, you can use it from anywhere in the world. The service has multilingual support and English support.

Multi-device support

With the iOS / Android application, you can conduct web conferences comfortably from your smartphone, tablet or mobile device.

Use with browser (WebRTC)

It supports WebRTC, so you can easily join a meeting with just a browser without installing a dedicated application.

Share documents and PC screen

Not only video and audio, but also materials and PC screens can be shared, enabling lively discussions while visualizing data and materials.

Real-time translation

Even in web conferences in foreign languages, we support the understanding of foreign language conferences using the latest speech recognition technology and automatic translation technology.

Cooperation with video conference

Since it can be connected to the Polycom HDX series of video conference systems, fixed phones, and mobile phones, it is possible to conduct conferences with sites that do not have a video conference system or Internet environment.

Use by many bases and many people

Since a large number of people can proceed with the conference while checking each other's facial expressions, it is also possible to hold conferences with participants from many bases in Japan and overseas.


Flexible customization according to the usage scene, such as screen design, layout, and linkage with in-house applications, enables on-premises service construction.

Always have the latest features

No cumbersome network settings or maintenance is required due to the cloud service. The latest web conference is always available when you log in to the service


Web conference share No. 1 *

We have been the market share leader* in web conferencing for 12 consecutive years. It is a brand that has been chosen by customers.

*Source: Seed Planning, Inc. (2019 Video Conferencing/Web Conferencing/Audio Conferencing/Latest market trend for UC-related products)

High security

ASP/SaaS Information Disclosure certified. Framework created to safeguard corporate security.

Operation Support

Pre-checks the network environment to preemptively resolves any foreseeable issues. An established operation framework to fully support all users.

Service diversity

With V-CUBE One package, you will be able to freely access all of V-cube's services.