What is V-Cube Box

The "V-CUBE Box" is a highly scalable dedicated machine type conference system with high image quality and high sound quality that can realize stable connections both in Japan and overseas. In addition to being easy to operate with a simple remote control, it also has support, so you can introduce it with confidence.
It is also possible to realize not only video conferences but also wireless conferences.

2. Easy connection

Can be used simply by connecting to the existing Internet line

There is no need to prepare a dedicated line. You can use it simply by connecting to the existing Internet line.

2. Stability

Realizes stable connection in low-hanging area environment

Since the video quality is automatically optimized according to the line bandwidth used, delays and disconnections can be avoided. In addition, since each site participating in the meeting is optimized, the quality of each site can be maximized.

3. Extensibility

Can be used on multiple devices

In addition to the V-CUBE Box, you can participate in conferences from PCs, smartphones, tablets, and video conferences of other companies. Therefore, it can be used anywhere, such as in the office, at home, or on the go.

4. Support

Support system to support "in-house conference system utilization"

With service support by "Service introduction / introduction team" and "Introduced company support team". The 24/7 support call center accepts inquiries directly from each user. This reduces the number of inquiries from internal users to the system administrator.


A simple remote control

With a small number of buttons, you won't get lost. You can start a meeting smoothly in a short time.


Companies that have already introduced a video conferencing system can use the assets they have already introduced, so they can make reasonable system expansions as their bases expand.


Realize stable international connections. It can be used comfortably even when participating in conferences from overseas.


TV conference system


Microphone / Speaker

Remote Control

3 year hardware warranty

Web conference share No. 1 *

We have achieved No.1 * share for 12 consecutive years in the cloud market of Web conference . It is a brand that has been chosen by customers.

* Seed · Planning Co., Ltd. “2018 Video conference / Web conference latest market and the current state of cloud video communication”

High security

ASP/SaaS Information Disclosure certified. Framework created to safeguard corporate security.

Operation Support

Pre-checks the network environment to preemptively resolves any foreseeable issues. An established operation framework to fully support all users.

Service diversity

With V-CUBE One package, you will be able to freely access all of V-cube's services.